Services of the company "Sky Vision Ukraine"

Sky Vision Ukraine offers telecommunication services for providers, telecom operators, TV and radio companies and corporate clients interested in carrier-grade channels.


High-speed Internet access with guaranteed bandwidth through dedicated communication lines.

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Каналы передачи данных
Data transmission channels

For the purpose of direct dedicated connection, we offer the implementation of data transmission channels at our separate sites.

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Виртуальная частная сеть VPN
VPN virtual private network

Possibility of remote work, combining company divisions into a single network via the Internet

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Service for providing space for storing websites.

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Host your own server in our data center.

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Service for providing space for storing websites.

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Such a solution will increase the efficiency of your company, while reducing the cost of communication services.

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Bookkeeping in the cloud

A service that allows you to work in programs: 1C, M.E.Doc remotely without being tied to a specific place.

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IT outsourcing

Our company assumes full or partial support of your existing IT infrastructure, as well as the design of start-up projects.

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Benefits of working with us

решение задач Prompt problem solving We start analyzing your request even before the engineer arrives at the address you specified.
Специалисты Highly qualified specialistsOver the years of our work, we have many successful projects that prove our competence.
Многогранный подход Multi-faceted approachTo maintain the IT infrastructure of your enterprise, several specialists of various profiles carry out their activities at the same time.
Профессионализм Professionalism and trustThanks to reliable work, we have become partners of a large number of enterprises of different levels. We value each of our clients, regardless of the volume of services provided by our company.
Неразглашение информации Non-disclosure of informationBefore starting work, we sign an agreement with our clients on the confidentiality of their commercial information, so you can trust us.

Telecommunication services of operator level from Sky Vision Ukraine.

Sky Vision Ukraine is a reliable company that entered the telecommunications market in 2000. During this time, she has established herself as an honest partner. A wide coverage area, a wide range of services, improved service and a competent team of employees – all this is the result of a well-coordinated and purposeful work of the company. We managed to become a leader thanks to taking into account the needs of our customers and strictly fulfilling our obligations to service it.


We have established the trouble-free operation of the network due to round-the-clock equipment monitoring, systematic prevention and timely modernization. We have borrowed the experience of world leaders in the field of telecommunications in organizing work and setting up equipment. We use equipment from well-known brands: Dell, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, ZyXEL, D-Link.

Technical support

The most important link in the company is the technical support department. We record absolutely all customer questions and complaints in the system. The company’s administration is engaged in monitoring and the quality of their solutions. During the processing of the request, the essence of the problem is analyzed and it is redirected to the department that specializes in eliminating damage to network equipment.


Flexibility is our main quality. We take into account the needs, location and solvency of each client and offer him a tariff plan that will best meet his wishes. An extensive package of services is an additional help to optimize service. If conditions or needs have changed, the subscriber can change the tariff to a more suitable one within 24 hours.

Cooperation with Sky Vision Ukraine is an opportunity to receive telecommunications services of European quality, both in terms of service and taking into account the technical part.

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