Accounting in the Cloud

A service that allows you to work in programs: 1C, M.E.Doc remotely without being tied to a specific place. Data safety is ensured by encrypting the information transmission channel. Cloud online accounting does not require the client to buy a server or administer. To use it, you must have access to the Internet and determine the resources that your accounting program will need. Next, your program with the help of our technical specialists is deployed in the provider’s cloud server. The customer receives a password with which he connects to the system from any device via the Internet without installing additional software.

“Bookkeeping in the Cloud” is the optimal solution for enterprises when it is necessary to ensure the trouble-free operation of the program and the database.


  • The ability to use the service on any device
  • Security.
    Protection from physical seizure of equipment. The information is on the cloud server
  • Access to the database and documents through secure communication channels (VPN)
  • Scalability.
    The ability to increase the amount of resources and create additional jobs)
  • Data backup 7 days
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Fault tolerance

Tariff plans:

600 UAH/month
CPU - 2 cores
RAM - 5 GB
HDD - 50 GB
Internet (World/Ukraine) - 10/100 Mbps
Backup - 7 days
1 IP address
Users (VPN) - up to 2
1600 UAH/month
CPU - 4 cores
RAM - 10 GB
HDD - 100 GB
Internet (World/Ukraine) - 10/100 Mbps
Backup - 7 days
1 IP address
Users (VPN) - up to 8
2400 UAH/month
CPU - 8 cores
RAM - 12 GB
HDD - 100 GB
Internet (World/Ukraine) - 20/100 Mbps
Backup - 7 days
1 IP address
Users (VPN) - up to 8
according to the set technical task

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