Connecting a virtual PBX for your business

IP telephony

Such a solution will increase the efficiency of your company, while reducing the cost of communication services.

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Call center

An epic tool for processing incoming and outgoing calls, the main functions of which are the creation of a call queue, distribution and control of their load between operators.

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Электронная почта

This service will allow your company to use its own domain name to organize the transfer of mail messages.

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Облачное хранилище
Cloud storage

Through the web interface, you can view and edit files right in the browser: documents, tables, photos, videos.

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<Бухгалтерия в облаке
Accounting in the Cloud

A service that allows you to work in programs: 1C, M.E.Doc remotely without being tied to a specific place. Data safety is ensured by encrypting the information transmission channel.

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Corporate clients choose Sky Vision Ukraine because of the possibility of selecting an individual package solution. In our arsenal there are hardware and software resources for creating cloud services, virtual PBXs and developing IT infrastructure.

The advantage of such solutions is that the customer does not need to purchase equipment for providing telecommunications. Our company provides a pool of virtual resources, on the basis of which the structure of the information support of the enterprise is developed, taking into account the peculiarities of its activities.

Creating a virtual PBX is a way out for companies that need a call center. You no longer need to purchase equipment, rent premises and hire an employee to maintain the working condition of the telephone exchange. All this is provided by Sky Vision Ukraine in remote access.

The system integration development service is relevant for companies with an extensive structure of departments. The availability of technical and human resources allowed us to occupy the niche of a wide-profile integrator in the B2B segment of Ukraine.

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