IT consulting

Sky Vision Ukraine offers business clients IT consulting services. Engaging a freelance technical consultant will optimize the work of the IT department and increase the efficiency of your business processes. Today IT consulting is one of the most profitable services for modern business.

The service of providing IT consulting will allow you:

  • Optimize the costs of implementing IT technologies and solutions within the company
  • Improve IT infrastructure

We will help you:

  • Find reliable IT service providers (operator, provider, hosting companies)
  • Advise on technical issues related to server administration
  • Ensure information security of the business
  • Select and implement software products to solve business problems
  • Design and construction of new projects


  • General audit of the enterprise
  • Infrastructure inventory
  • IT maturity assessment
  • Baseline Safety Assessment
  • Server and network equipment audit
  • Software audit
  • Inventory of licenses
  • Consultation on technical issues related to server administration
  • Expert judgment and advice on technology selection
  • IT service provider selection
  • IT infrastructure protection

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