Telecom services for legal entities


High-speed Internet access with guaranteed bandwidth through dedicated communication lines.

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Каналы передачи данных
Data transmission channels

For the purpose of direct dedicated connection, we offer the implementation of data transmission channels at our separate sites.

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Виртуальная частная сеть VPN
VPN virtual private network

Possibility of remote work, combining company divisions into a single network via the Internet

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Защищенный узел Интернет
Secure Internet site

The technology allows ensuring security by encrypting all traffic on the client's equipment, which minimizes the possibility of hacking or interception of confidential information.

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Company “Sky Vision Ukraine” provides telecom services for individuals and legal entities. We provide Internet access via a separate dedicated line through our own traffic exchange point. Also, the company’s specialists will protect your network from DdoS attacks and other problems related to the security of your network.

“Sky Vision Ukraine” works with large and small businesses. Our specialists take into account the diversity of their fields of activity to improve the services provided Thanks to the company’s capacities, constant development of the network and modern technologies, we find an individual approach to each client.

Choosing us, you get a solution to many problems. We combine many services, including: broadband Internet access, secure data transmission channel and outsourcing. All “Sky Vision Ukraine” services will greatly simplify your business, including your life.

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