VPN virtual private network

There are many situations when a company needs to protect its data on the Internet and get the freedom to communicate in such cases using a VPN. With the help of a VPN, you get access to the service without being tied to the locality, a secure data transmission channel, the ability to work remotely, and unite the company’s divisions into a single network.

Methods for organizing virtual private networks:

  • Client / Server VPN protects data passing over the Internet
  • Remote access to the company’s local network via the public Internet
  • VPN forms a new network, when connected to which the user’s IP address is replaced with the address of the new server. Thus, an artificial secure connection is formed between the PC and the VPN server, the data transmission over which is fully encrypted with the algorithm you have chosen.
  • Information protection in the new network is carried out in a comprehensive manner:
  • Codes cannot be hacked, unauthorized connection of unauthorized users is completely excluded, and all incoming and outgoing packets are constantly checked for integrity, which is why this service is so in demand among organizations that value the confidentiality of transmitted information

VPN Features:

    • High level of security of communication channels, allowing you to transfer confidential private data through them
    • Connecting to the office network of employees working remotely on a business trip
    • Consolidation of 2 or more local networks of offices of one organization, geographically distant from each other
    • Availability of remotely located servers in the local network of the enterprise (mail, telephony, accounting in the cloud or in a separate office)

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