The Sky Vision Ukraine company on the basis of its own or existing PBX of the Customer will help to implement a call center for your enterprise from scratch.
Call center is a useful tool for processing incoming and outgoing calls, the main functions of which are creating a queue of calls, distributing and controlling their load between
operators, maintaining detailed statistics, the ability to record conversations, automatically determine the number of the calling subscriber, fill customer databases, provide services
automatic response without operator participation, to monitor the employment of all operators of the enterprise.
This service is popular with tour operators, online stores, financial institutions, banks, the real estate market, construction companies and many other industries.


  • Multichannel
  • Optimization of expenses for mobile and office communications.
    Reducing the cost of calls between employees and customers of the company
  • Consolidation of branches into a single network
  • Load distribution and control between operators
  • Service quality control.
    Thanks to the saved records, you can
    listen to the conversation between the operator and the client


  • Recording a conversation and customer calls
  • Distribution of workload between employees
  • IVR voice menu
  • Transfer and interception of calls
  • Call Tracking
  • Integration of the Call Center with the company’s CRM system
    * if appropriate CRM mechanisms are available
  • Short number connections for “Callback”
  • Call center anywhere in the world

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The total cost is formed on the basis of the options you have selected, which are formed individually for each project.

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