Communication channels – data transmission of computer networks

передача данных

Data transmission channels of computer networks – a set of devices for the exchange of information flows in both directions. It consists of equipment and lines. Channels are divided into wired and wireless. They connect signal pickup devices to information nodes.

Metal cables and optical fiber are used for wired data transmission. Conventional cables are actively replacing fiber-optic networks. Its structure allows signal transmission many times faster and more accurate. This is due to the presence of elements of magnetized silicon, which are framed by a material that refracts light. Light vibrations pass through them, into which electromagnetic waves are transformed. Fiber optic equipment is protected by authorization guidelines, so this line is reliable.

Wireless communication is provided in several different ways:

  • electromagnetic channels (Wi-Fi waves);
  • satellite communications, provided by a system of antennas that pick up signals and broadcast them to terrestrial receiving objects;
  • broadcasting channels with a signal range of no more than 50 km;
  • cellular radio channels formed by a system of stationary devices and mobile equipment. The range is not limited to a certain distance, since signals are processed wherever there is equipment;
  • multichannels with a radius of 60 km;
  • bluetooth – free short distance data transfer

A specific type of corporate communication channel is created taking into account network parameters and customer requirements.

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