Virtual PBX – advantages, requirements

Using virtual / cloud PBXs is the best option for most companies that want an affordable tariff and save money on equipment. There are many advantages of virtual PBXs and they are really significant.

  1. The user controls the station independently, even though it is located on the provider’s server. No expenses for the purchase of equipment and the hassle of installing it.
  2. Multi-channel numbers are available for the simultaneous reception of a large number of calls. You can also arrange conference calls.
  3. Voice menu – the ability to connect multiple numbers using voice commands.
  4. Video calls for conferences, meetings and negotiations are a way to reduce the cost of organizing such events in real life. Especially when the company consists of a central and remote offices.
  5. Virtual Fax: The document is automatically printed when received by email.
  6. Integration with the site, the blacklist and the ability to compile reports are additional advantages of renting a virtual PBX.

The main network requirement required for the full-fledged operation of the cloud server is 512 Kbps in both directions. To connect, you need to register on the provider’s website in order to select the required package of services in the user’s personal account.

The abundance of advantages and the availability of virtual PBX services have made them popular in companies of all sizes.

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